How to reduce your phone bill while overseas

We all dream of that wonderful overseas trip that relaxes us and reinvigorates the soul but as is the norm, we often think of taking our work with us.

It can be tempting to check emails while on an overseas trip, but think twice because of the massive bills that you can incur as a result of excessive data costs.

No matter what phone company you are with, data roaming is a sure-fire way to rack up an invoice that can make your eyes water, so there are a number of ways to reduce your telecommunications bill while you are in a different country.

Simple voice phone calls can be quite expensive for both the caller and receiver so if you still need to talk to your family back home, send a text. It's a cheap and quick way of communication without hurting your wallet.

Turn off the function on your smartphone that automatically downloads new emails. The settings will allow you to change it to only search for new messages when you actually want to.

For the best mobile plan, talk to a comparison and switching service to find out if there is a better deal for you.

Posted by Eve Gillespie