How to preserve your phone's battery

Recent flooding and bushfires have made it apparent that a mobile phone with some battery charge is crucial.

Battery issues are more prevalent on smartphones as the charge has to power more than an older style phone has to.

There are ways to ensure that a phone's battery is extended as far as possible such as having a car charger.

As well as that, don't keep a phone in the sun - as Krystal from Telstra's organisational development team explained.

She said: "It is probably worth mentioning that leaving your mobile in the sun can reduce battery life.

"My mother tried that with her iPhone last week and it overheated."

Keep a USB cable handy in your laptop bag because if your phone is about to lose all power, connect it to your personal computer and charge it that way. Telstra Operations solution designer Tony said that this is a handy trick.

He elaborated: "Charging a laptop when you know that a power outage may be imminent will allow you to charge your smartphone if electricity is cut off.

"Newer laptops have special USB ports than can provide power with the laptop still off, an even better use of the laptop's power for USB devices."

Some phones like iPhones can't have their batteries switched out but the Samsung Galaxy is an example of a smartphone that can have the back pulled off and the battery removed. Owners of Samsung or similar ones could carry a second battery pack.

Turn off a number of applications and programs which may run in the background of your phone. Not only will they use up data, they will also chew up battery life. Check the settings for notifications as well because that will also reduce power and will increase data consumption.

Other settings that need to be addressed include Bluetooth, GPS and screen brightness. If you don't have a car with a wireless phone system, then don't keep the Bluetooth needlessly turned on.

In addition to reducing the brightness of your screen, you can also determine that your phone's display turns off after a short amount of inactivity.

If you don't have much battery life left, a phone call can further reduce its reserves. If you are on a business call, ring back if there has to be some checking of facts or gathering of documents as opposed to staying on the line.

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