How to make sure your energy bill remains low this summer

Chances are your electricity prices will rise alongside the mercury as you struggle to bring the temperatures down in your home this summer.

There are a few easy ways to help keep your energy bills low as well as the temperature in your house.

Make you've plugged all the gaps

You don't want any of that expensive, cool air going straight outside. Check your house for gaps where air could escape, and plug up any that you find. Patching up draughts can save you 25 per cent of your cooling costs.

It's like making sure your windows are wound up when you have the aircon on in your car.

Close the curtains

Just as curtains can keep the heat in during the winter months, they can also prevent your home from getting too hot in the summer.

Another alternative is to lower blinds on the sunnier side of your house or consider window film. This can reduce radiant heat without obscuring your view to the outside.

Put your air conditioner onto energy saving mode

Use a timer to set your air conditioner so it does not run all day long. This way you can come home to a cool house at a lower cost.

It is better to turn it to energy saving mode rather than switch it off completely. The temperature rises when it is turned off meaning your machine would have to work twice as hard to cool it down once it is turned on.

Make sure you shut doors to rooms that are not in use - there is no point pumping cool air through them if they are unoccupied.

Ceiling fans

Cracking open a few windows and turning on a ceiling fan can help circulate cool breeze. Ceiling fans are particularly good at nighttime as well because they don't suck moisture out of the room. They require less power than air conditioning units to run making them a great choice for the summer.

Switch appliances off at the wall

This is not just a seasonal tip, but in the long hot days of summer, it might be easy to forget to unplug appliances at the wall.

Even when they are switched off, appliances can still use power on standby, so it is best to unplug them or switch them off at the wall once you've finished using them.

Look at other energy companies

Saving money might be as simple as doing an electricity comparison to see if you can get a better deal on your power.

Posted by Charlie Moore