How to keep your kids happy, without TV

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School holiday time is upon us, and while it is tempting to use the TV or video games to keep the kids occupied, these electrical items can be a drain on your electricity prices.

The television is now the fourth biggest user of electricity in the home, according to the Department of Industry, and home entertainment products use more electricity than your dishwasher, washing machine, clothes dryer combined.

Here are a few simple tricks to entertain the kids away from the screen - every little bit counts!

The great outdoors

To keep them safe, make sure they slip, slop, slap and slide. However, there are plenty of great activities the young ones can make the most of outside.

Something as simple as hide and seek or duck, duck, goose can keep them entertained for hours - they won't even miss their playstation!

Another option is to give the dog a bath. Kids will relish the chance to help out, and this will have the added bonus of keeping fleas and other skin irritants at bay.

Plus, the lawn will get a bit of a drink as well, but make sure you don't use too much water. A bucket and trigger hose is a more sustainable option, using less H2O than a hose. Try to use a dog shampoo with low sodium or phosphate, as this is much gentler for your garden.


Consider encouraging your children to use their holiday time wisely. Rather than trying to level up on their favourite video game, why not see if you can do some volunteer work to help the planet?

Kids love getting their hands dirty, so helping out at a planting event could be just up their alley. This also makes a great holiday story for the kids to tell their friends when they get back to school.

It also makes a good lesson, as they can learn about the effects of carbon dioxide on the environment and the importance of protecting the planet and lowering our carbon footprint.

You might find out your children have a green thumb. If they possess this gift, see if you can encourage them to give you a hand in the garden. You could add some mulch to help keep your garden hydrated over the hotter, and drier, summer months.

Keep them cool

Temperatures soar around midday, and this is also when the sun's rays are the most damaging, so it's understandable if they want to be indoors then.

However, there are still some great ways to keep them busy, without the use of technology.

Why not play an old fashioned board game? There are a great range of games available these days so you are sure to find something to suit everyone.

Posted by Liam Tunney.