How to drive economically

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With petrol prices rising and falling, it's difficult to tell when the cycle will reach its low point where your hip pocket's pain will be minimised.

However, if you don't want to simply rely on filling up when bowser prices dip, there are ways to save money by simply driving economically.

As it is the last month of summer, there will be days when air conditioning is needed, but save it for when it is truly boiling. Pumping the cool air can really increase how many litres you use per hundred kilometres.

Consider getting rid of all the unnecessary junk that's in your car - nothing ruins economy like weight. So while you may not be able to drive around with a stroller for your baby, you can do without bags of old clothes you just haven't gotten around to donating yet.

Tyre pressure is also an important component of economical driving. Low pressure means that you are increasing how hard a car has to work to get moving and therefore will reduce how far you can get on a tank of petrol.

The amount of air needed in a tyre will depend on the make and model of car, but generally they should be pumped up to no less than 30 psi.

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