How to cope with power prices

Electricity prices can come as a nasty shock to households all over Australia. It's a fact that electricity prices have been rising in recent years - but why exactly is this, and what can you do about it?

The truth is, there are a number of reasons why electricity prices have been on the incline in recent years.

Part of it has been due to electricity producers having to upgrade their 'poles and wires' and ageing infrastructure in order to keep up with growing demand for energy, which is a costly enterprise and much of this expense is passed onto the consumer.

Sometimes, renewable energy incentives and schemes such as the carbon tax can have a small impact on residential power prices, but this is usually very small.

With all these exterior factors affecting your how much you pay for your power bill every month, there's no doubt that some people feel powerless to do anything about costly bills.

However, there are many individual choices and decisions you can make that will affect how much these high electricity prices will actually affect you and your family.

Always remember the choice is yours when it comes to energy retailers. You do not have to stick with your current retailer just because you have always been with them.

Phone them up and ask for a more competitive deal, or use an electricity comparison service to find the best kind of package available for your needs.

The amount you pay for your electricity is negotiable with your energy provider, even though it may seem a little offbeat to ask for a discount. However, be aware that this is quite acceptable - so long as your requests are reasonable. You always have the power to look elsewhere.

You can also change your own personal behaviors and habits around the home. Small measures, such as replacing inefficient lights with LED globes, can have a huge impact on your energy bill.

Make sure that you don't leave appliances plugged in and always try to keep showers and washing cycles to a minimum. 

Encourage younger family members to follow in your footsteps when it comes to saving energy, and hopefully you will end up raising a family of energy efficient, aware children!

Posted by Charlie Moore