How to cheaply move house

Moving house can be a particularly stressful time and there are some ways that both blood pressure and cost can be reduced.

If you don't have to move right away, think about moving slowly over a few weeks. By taking a car load of items to your new abode each time you go there, you reduce the amount you have to take when you permanently shift and thus would save money if your movers charge based on how much they have to carry.

In the lead up to a move, store as many boxes as you can to reduce the amount that have to be purchased.

Should you move into a unit, the chances are that it's not as big as a house and therefore you have less to transfer. Consider abandoning the hiring of professional movers and simply ask some friends to assist in the operation.

Small trucks that can be driven on a car license can be hired for a day at a cost ranging between $100 and $200.

With a few friends, the move can be completed within a day and at a fraction of the cost if you were to hire professionals.

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