How much is your fridge costing you?

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If there's one thing that nearly every Australian home has in common, it's that they all feature a refrigerator. Some homes even have two or three!

That's why, if you have started to feel the pinch of rising electricity prices lately, one of the first steps you should take is to stroll into your kitchen and have a close hard look at your fridge.

Because your refrigerator is on 24/7, it is often one of the heaviest power consumers in your house, and can have a massive effect on the final number on your electricity bill.

Here are a few tips for improving the energy efficiency of your fridge, to help you slash your utility costs and keep your hard earned money out of the hand of electricity suppliers.

Keep it closed!

Any time you open your refrigerator door, a certain amount of heat is allowed to enter. This means that the refrigerator motor will have to kick into gear in order to bring the overall temperature of the fridge down once more.

By closing your refrigerator door tightly and not leaving it open for unnecessary lengths of time, you can reduce the amount of strain being placed on your refrigerator and not only lower its power consumption, but extend its life as well.

Check the seals

On a similar note, if the seals on your fridge are worn or not correctly installed, this can often mean that heat is being allowed to enter through the cracks. Try putting a flashlight inside your fridge and closing the door, if you can see light seeping out, this is a sign the seals are not up to scratch.

Upgrade to an energy efficient model

Spending money on a brand new fridge might seem like a counterintuitive way to save cash, but you have to think of this as an investment. An energy efficient fridge will consume much less power over time and will likely deliver significant savings in the long run. 

All fridges sold in Australia today must clearly advertise an Energy Rating Label, and must meet the Minimum Energy Performance Standards for Refrigerated Display Cabinets as set down by the Australian government.

Space your fridge carefully

Another way you can improve the performance of your fridge is to make sure everything is evenly spaced out, so that airflow can be maximised. However, you should also take care not to leave too much open space as this will mean there is more air to cool.

If you often find your fridge is empty, you could benefit by downgrading to a smaller model. Or it might just mean you need to visit the grocery store more often, of course.