How can I keep my property cool in summer?

With the summer in full swing, it's likely that your attention has turned to how you can keep your property at a comfortable temperature. The good news is that there are various steps you can take to make sure this is the case - and some of them you might not even have considered before!

Follow some of these top tips and you could find yourself enjoying the summer months that little bit more.

Air conditioning

Many modern homes come with air conditioning units - and there's no denying that they have their uses.

If you need to cool a room down quickly then simply grab the remote and let the system do the hard work for you. The only disadvantage is that air conditioning is costly to operate in the long run, so you might want to think carefully about using it too often.

Create a through-draught

Allowing fresh air into your home is an effective way of bringing down the temperature without splashing the cash. Opening up windows and vents is one means of achieving this.

However, for this to be most effective you will need to keep your interior doors open. This will create a draught that can benefit the whole home.

Keep curtains drawn

If you're out during the day or not using a particular room, keeping the curtains shut can have real benefits. It will prevent sunlight from entering the space and ultimately raising the temperature.

Choose floor coverings wisely

Carpets may feel great underfoot when the winter comes around, but just how practical are they during the summer?

Tiled floors are great not just because they're easy to clean, but also because they can reflect light and heat, keeping your home cool when you need it most.

Invest in insulation

We often think of insulation as something that helps our homes retain heat, although it can also have benefits when it comes to keeping it cool.

Reflective insulation can bring down the temperature of a property and make it more bearable. Ask at your local hardware store if you need some expert advice.

Exterior shading

The choices you make outside the home can make just as much impact inside when summer comes around. Consider creating shade using trees and awnings for the best possible effect.

The best part is that these investments can also play a role in keeping your home warm when the winter months arrive, making them a great choice for any property.

Posted by Jeremy Elliott