Households and impacts of the carbon tax

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Many Australian energy consumers will be aware that with the introduction of the carbon tax on July 1 this year there may also be an accompanying increase in household expenses.

For those concerned about how the increase in electricity prices will affect their budget - and how they can work to reduce the effects of these rises - the federal government initiative Clean Energy Future (CEF) has some advice.

An average family with two teenagers - earning about $100,000 per year - may face an average cost-of-living impact of $653 per year.

According to CEF this will be offset by government assistance of approximately $679 per year, consisting of tax cuts and extra payments - leaving the family better off by $26.

The government is also making it easier for households to increase energy efficiency by offering solar hot water rebates, phasing out inefficient lighting and improving the standards of appliances with the Equipment Energy Efficiency program.

Installation of solar and gas hot water systems is recommended, as well as proper insulation of houses and a switch to compact fluorescent lamps for lighting solutions.

Posted by Charlie Moore