Household electricity prices outpace businesses

Electricity prices for the average household are continuing to rise at a faster rate compared to those paid by businesses.

The figures come from the Energy in Australia 2011 report from the Department of Resources, Energy and Tourism.

A pattern that first emerged in 1991 has continued over the last two decades, including a jump in 2008 that has seen the gap increase even further.

Prior to 1991, the cost of electricity for both businesses and homes was matched evenly during increases.

Since then, households have seen the price they pay skyrocket, as business owners enjoy a gentler rise.

According to the report, average wholesale electricity prices increased in 2007 due to demand reaching record levels over the year.

The drought was been held partially responsible for constricting supply during this period.

Other reasons given for influencing electricity prices have included heatwaves, generator malfunctions and industrial disputes.

Households have long struggled with the cost of energy, with many turning to everyday energy-saving techniques to minimise the cost.

Other consumers have discovered savings by switching to utilities companies that offer a more competitive rate.