Homes 'not as efficient as they could be'

Homeowners could be paying higher electricity prices than necessary because their properties are not energy efficient, research has revealed.

Carried out at the University of Western Australia, the study shows that one of the main reasons for this is that building regulations do not make it easy for homes to be constructed in an efficient way.

Masters of environmental design researcher Dirima Cuthbert highlighted that home designs have not changed much over the past 200 years.

She noted that unlike small cars, which are seen as acceptable, more compact homes are not considered to be a status symbol.

"If people chose their houses like they choose their cars, we might see project homes - which now represent 80 per cent of new houses being built in Perth - develop new ways of reducing energy consumption," explained Ms Cuthbert .

The researcher pointed out that current building codes in Australia mean that house designers are not given the ability to reduce energy consumption.

Data from the Nielsen Global Survey recently found that utility bills are a major concern among Australian homeowners at the moment, despite the country being one of the most optimistic in the developed world.

Posted by Callum Fleming