Home energy costs are consumers' number one concern

A recent report from the Clean Energy Council (CEC) has shown that the primary concern for individuals and families is the cost of energy needed to run a house.

The CEC study was conducted by Auspoll and provides confirmation that many Australians are struggling with current electricity prices.

When asked which essential living cost was troubling them the most, 66 per cent of respondents said home energy costs were 'very concerning'.

This outranked other issues such as food and grocery costs and the price of health care.

The survey also showed an increase in the number of Australians willing to investigate ways to reduce their energy usage in the home.

89 per cent said that they would be prepared to implement measures such as energy efficient light bulbs and solar hot water in the home to reduce the cost of their electricity bill.

Surprisingly, 40 per cent asserted they were unaware of the actions they could take in order to accomplish this.

Similar figures were recorded for the level of awareness regarding the cash value of such savings and the differences between efficiency levels in household appliances.

Consumers always have the option to change electricity supplier for a cheaper rate and a switching service can identify available options over the phone.