Holidaying this Easter? Empty home means energy efficiency savings!

This Easter period could be the last chance for a break during fine weather - and no doubt many Australians will be taking advantage of that opportunity.

In terms of energy efficiency there are ways to make the most of leaving an empty house behind you, meaning that your next bill may not be so hefty, no matter the electricity prices.

You can achieve this by making sure that electricity-guzzling appliances that are only required if someone is at home are switched off, such as your water heater.

If left on, it will keep your water warm the entire time you are gone, which can add up to some nasty and unnecessary costs.

You can turn it off at the circuit breaker or fuse box to be doubly sure that it will not be using power while you are away.

Check that all your lights are off before you leave, except for the ones needed for security.

Most outdoor lights can be fitted with a sensor, to ensure that they are only on when something is moving inside the monitoring area.

Unplug any television, video, home theatre and hi-fi equipment - even in standby mode these devices can use power.

Moreover, if there is a power surge resulting from a storm your technology will be safe from damage - let's all keep our fingers crossed for sunshine and happy times this Easter!

Posted by Charlie Moore