Heading towards a low carbon economy

Many countries in the world are becoming more energy efficient, turning to technologies that can help to ease the burden of high electricity prices, resource scarcity and greenhouse gas emissions.

Australia can only achieve prosperity and remain competitive and fair in regards to other countries with stronger climate policies, relating to carbon and energy productivity, the Climate Institute has reported. In a media statement from August 13, the organisation referred to a policy platform released by the Southern Cross Climate Coalition.

The Climate Institute is an independent research organisation focused on climate change. The Southern Cross Climate Coalition is made up of the Australian Council of Trade Unions, the Australian Council of Social Service, the Australian Conservation Foundation and the Climate Institute, with the aim of promoting climate change solutions. 

"The adoption of low carbon and energy productive technologies and practices is essential for maintaining and growing jobs," said Australian Council of Trade Unions President Ged Kearney.

"This applies to both traditional industries that will continue to play an important role in a low carbon economy, and innovative industries that can emerge with a focus on carbon and energy productivity."

With the Australian federal election coming up, The Southern Cross Climate Institute's policy platform is a useful tool to help voters realise the importance of climate change solutions and can help to encourage the government to take more definitive action on the matter.

Many countries around the world, including China and the US, have agreed that global warming should not creep above two degrees Celsius, in order to avoid devastating effects of climate change. Therefore Australia needs to play a greater role in the move towards cleaner energy and improving carbon productivity. This is when the value of each unit of carbon emitted becomes higher. The Southern Cross Climate Coalition recommends  governmental policies to boost energy efficiency, reduce emissions intensity, build resilience to climate impacts and underpin industry development.

Cassandra Goldie, chief executive officer of the Australian Council of Social Service, stated that people who earn lower incomes are disproportionately affected by the impacts of climate change. For this reason, taking environmentally effective action can help to protect vulnerable people in society.

Do you agree with the Climate Institute and Southern  Cross Climate Coalition? Do climate change policies influence your vote?

Posted by Charlie Moore