Handy hints for lowering your power bill

You might have heard that recently, the Queensland Competition Authority (QCA) said the state's electricity prices will need to be increased in order to keep up with network costs and the maintenance of transmission, poles and wires.

Similarly, other states are facing rising energy costs for the same reason.

That means it has never been more important to make sure you're getting the most out of the electricity you're paying for through adopting energy efficient practices around the home.

Think about it

One of the biggest barriers to saving on energy costs is simply not being aware of how much power you're using.

It can be easy to brush off the costs of running a heater, or keeping that bathroom light on at night - but these are the things that add up in the long term.

By being aware of every single appliance and energy powered item in your house then you can make more informed decisions about your use - and don’t think you can get away with those long, hot showers, either!

Try to cut down on the luxuries - and if you cut your shower short you might even wind up with more time in the mornings to do your makeup or eat your breakfast.

Keep your eye on the charge

With all the devices that are now part of our modern life, such as laptops, cameras, iPhones, Kindles, tablets, iPods and more, one constantly has to make sure these items are charged and ready to go.

It can be so easy to plug in a device and forget that it's there, so the battery ends up recharged and full but it remains sitting there charging long after it needs to, chewing through electricity.

Instead of leaving items to charge indefinitely, keep an eye on your devices and only leave them plugged in until the battery is full - then unplug them and flick the switch off. In many cases, this is actually better for prolonging the life of your battery.

Buy energy efficient

If it comes time to replace a household item such as a washing machine, dishwasher or fridge, make sure you look at the energy rating of the appliance.

Some items have a better energy rating than others, meaning that they will use less electricity to run overall. They can be more expensive to buy initially, however the savings you make on power usually help to pay the extra dollars off pretty quickly.

Posted by Matthew Cole