Greg Combet weighs in on electricity price argument

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Minister for climate change and energy efficiency Greg Combet has strongly criticised the NSW government for its contribution to rising electricity prices in the state.

In a statement released August 8, the office of Mr Combet claims that premier Barry O'Farrell's ministry has unfairly placed the blame for skyrocketing power bills on the federal government's carbon tax.

"The federal government provides an average of $10.10 per week in household assistance to help with this modest carbon price impact," reads the statement.

"In contrast, the O’Farrell government is not assisting households while also taking over $1.5 billion a year in revenue from its electricity businesses. That’s over $500 for every household in NSW."

According to the statement, since 2008 - 2009 the average NSW household is now paying an additional $1,000 annually in energy costs.

Mr Combet's office went on to claim that the NSW government has used licensing powers in order to make the state's electricity suppliers place the blame for price increases on the federal government.

The release is just the latest shot fired in an on-going war of words between the federal and state governments over rising power prices, and comes after prime minister Julia Gillard made a divisive speech to the Energy Policy Institute of Australia earlier this week (August 7).

Ms Gillard accused state governments of "increasing their revenue at the expense of the family electricity bill" and warned that she would be willing to wield the "big stick of regulation" if action was not taken.

Posted by Charlie Moore