Grattan report 'misleading' in energy comparison

The electricity comparisons drawn in a new report from the Grattan Institute were misleading for consumers, one group has suggested.

Beyond Zero Emissions suggested that the study is based on "misleading comparisons, flawed analysis and glaring omissions", especially in how it assesses wholesale fossil fuel electricity in relation to solar photovoltaic energy.

Matthew Wright, executive director of Beyond Zero Emissions, explained: "We do not expect a suburban Woolworths to compete with food prices at the Footscray Wholesale Fruit and Veg market.

"Yet this is what the Grattan Institute has done by ignoring the differences between the wholesale and retail electricity markets."

He went on to say that the cost of rooftop solar photovoltaic has halved in price over the past two years, which is a significant reduction especially in relation to declining gas prices.

There are various steps that homeowners can take to reduce their electricity bills, such as not leaving electrical appliances on standby and turning off lights in unoccupied rooms.

Many property owners also fail to unplug chargers for gadgets including cameras, mobile phones and PDAs they are not using, which can create a drain on electricity.

Turning a computer on to sleep or hibernate can also reduce the amount of energy you use during periods of inactivity.

Posted by Charlie Moore