Govt strives to improve domestic energy efficiency

Govt strives to improve domestic energy efficiency 16000646 800474673 0 0 14026262 300

The government has announced a new package of energy efficiency initiatives to encourage the smarter use of energy in homes.

It is hoped that the program will help Australians strive towards a low-carbon future regardless of where they live or their income, potentially driving down electricity prices in the process.

Not only will the government be involved in delivering the strategies, but also councils, community groups and businesses.

Among the initiatives being launched is the Low Income Energy Efficiency Program, which has been allocated $40 million to support service providers, who in turn can demonstrate smarter energy use.

Guidelines for each of the three new programs are now available and applications are being welcomed as of today (February 13).

A recent report from the Grattan Institute suggested that the cost of low-emission technology needs to be reduced if people are to see a fall in their energy bills.

Seven technologies were identified as having the potential to be deployed on a large-scale basis over the next four decades: concentrating solar thermal, geothermal, carbon capture and storage, bioenergy and nuclear power and solar power.

At present, all of these are facing barriers that mean they cannot be appreciated by the masses, the report indicated.

Posted by Charlie Moore