Govt implementing sustainable measures

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Increasingly, Australia is showing its commitment to sources of clean and renewable energy. Forms of this include geothermal, solar and wind power, as well as hydropower.

This is reflected in the kind of buildings and facilities the government is funding, as well as the grants which are given to companies and businesses such as through the Clean Technology Innovation Program.

The uses for such clean and renewable energy seem to be becoming all the more creative. For instance, one of the latest government funded clean energy spots is a rest stop for truckers and small vehicle drivers on Geelong Ring Road This rest stop has been designed and built to utilise solar electricity for its lighting.

As well as this, it includes other sustainability measures sure as rain water reticulation and self-contained sewer systems, so that its impact on the surrounding environment is minimal.
The rest areas for the Geelong Ring Road were funded with $1.4 million, with the overall Geelong Ring Road upgrades costing $110 million.

Renewable forms of energy are being increasingly used on the household level by those worried about electricity prices, with technology such as solar panels allowing users greater control over their own energy.

Posted by Charlie Moore