Government pledges to reduce energy bill

The house of representatives yesterday (August 18) backed a move to reduce parliament's energy usage by ten per cent.

Politicians voted to join The 10% Challenge, an energy efficiency campaign run by advocacy group Do Something!

Jon Dee, managing director and founder of Do Something! says: "If parliament reduces its energy use by ten per cent, it will slash emissions and reduce its energy bills by hundreds of thousands of dollars a year."

The adoption of the initiative comes after being introduced by the Greens in June 2011.

Senator Bob Brown commended the move, saying: "The energy bill for parliament house is over $3 million a year, so if implemented this will save the taxpayer over $300,000 annually - what a good outcome for taxpayers as well as the environment".

This announcement highlights the importance for all Australians to try and reduce their energy usage.

Not only will the country see improvement to the environment, but everyday Australians will be able to see a reduction in the cost of their energy bill.

Electricity prices are a pressing concern for many and are often the catalyst for changes in the house that can save significant amounts of money.