Government grants and rebates to ease your household bills

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Householders concerned about the impact of utilities on their monthly expenses - like electricity, water and gas prices - should remember that help is available for making a plan to be more efficient.

Each state and territory has a raft of information regarding ways to reduce the amount of power, water and waste your family goes through and websites are a great place to start collecting facts.

Different levels of government can also offer rebates and grants for eligible entities - ones that reward consumers for their contributions to the power grid from solar energy, their green building initiatives and other sustainable habits.

For example, all the territories and states offer a solar hot water or heat pump rebate.

This scheme provides people who replace an existing electric storage system with a sustainable one - there are more prerequisites, but the nitty gritty is that those who are eligible will receive $1,000 for installing a solar hot water system and $600 for a heat pump.

For more information and a breakdown of all the rebate schemes that are available in your area a quick perusal of your government's website should do the trick.

Posted by Callum Fleming