Gov't stands firm on RET position

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The federal government has taken the stance that the "successful" Renewable Energy Target (RET) should not be watered down.

That is the same position as the Climate Change Authority, with the government insisting that at least 20 per cent of Australia's power should come from renewable sources by 2020, such as solar, wind and hydro.

Climate change minister Greg Combet explained that the decision will provide an opportunity for improvements in the future.

He said: "The government's decision on the key design features of the RET will ensure the 20 per cent target is a minimum, leaving the way open for improvements in energy efficiency to deliver a higher share of renewable energy.

"This will position Australia well to respond to the challenges of climate change and meeting our long-term targets for reducing carbon pollution."

The minister added that the opposition's stance on the RET, which is to reduce the the percentage target, would see a reduction in action on climate change, with no commitment to cleaning up the electricity sector.

Since 2007, the RET has seen households and businesses install close to one million rooftop solar panels and nearly 600,000 solar and heat pump water heaters - all with the purpose of reducing emissions and reducing electricity prices.

Posted by Charlie Moore