Gov't: Energy revamp could save householders hundreds

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Since electricity prices can often raise or lower depending on government action - such as changes and revamps - it can be heartening to know that such action often comes as a reaction to the need for increased efficiency.

The ACT electricity market may soon experience a lift in efficiency which the state government says will mean big savings for many residents.

The Canberra Times outlined the upgrade plan, which includes a scheme that will allow customers to swap their older and less-effective appliances - such as hot water heaters and air conditioners - for newer ones, either for free or at a subsidised rate, through their power companies.

Lower income earners would also be able to apply for subsidies for insulation and appliance upgrades, and electricity suppliers are to foot the bill for any costs involved.

According to the publication the government has said up to 70,000 Canberran households could save $300 on their yearly electricity bill.

Environment minister Simon Corbell was reported as saying that the area's biggest power supplier, ActewAGL, was on board with the scheme which is already running in Victoria and South Australia.

Posted by Charlie Moore