Gov't advice for Victorian energy consumers

Shopping around for electricity suppliers can be a daunting task. Dealing with representatives over the phone and via email can be confusing and there is the possibility of being talked into something you do not fully understand.

Being surprised by door-to-door salespeople and telemarketers can also be a challenge, if you need to get to the heart of an offer without the sales talk making deals seem possibly more attractive than they are.

With this in mind, Consumer Affairs Victoria released a statement today (March 15) detailing their plans to work together with industry groups to make dealing with salespeople easier for both consumers and retailers.

They have also offered advice for dealing with sales people who come knocking, saying that consumers should be aware that they have up to ten days to change their minds on an agreement.

The watchdog also wants people to be vigilant in checking the ID of people selling things door-to-door.

Minister for consumer affairs and energy and resources Michael O’Brien said: "While most energy marketers are doing the right thing, it is unacceptable that some door-to-door energy salespeople may try to use high pressure or other tactics to entice consumers to change providers without giving them all the information to make an informed choice."

Posted by Charlie Moore