Good investments for an energy efficient business

Regardless of whether you work in an office, at home or even out in the field, energy use is almost always necessary.

Fortunately, it can be managed. If you reduce your company's energy consumption, electricity prices will become less relevant as your costs diminish and profit margins increase. You may have to make a few key investments in order for this to happen, because we all know that you can almost never make money without spending some first.

Here are a few ways to help make your business more profitable.

There are a number of ways to reduce energy usage in your workplace.There are a number of ways to reduce energy usage in your workplace.


Buying office equipment that has an Energy Star rating is going to be much more efficient, not to mention easier on your power bill. Furthermore, If you use desktop computers then you should consider using laptop computers instead. In fact, according to the Queensland government, the latter uses 90 per cent less energy. 


The Department of Industry and Science (DIS) asserts that most households in Australia could halve the amount of energy they use for lighting by simply using efficient technologies. Imagine how much money a business could save!

This would mean using energy efficient light bulbs, as well as setting up motion detectors to control lighting in rooms that aren't used very often. 


The process of cooling or warming a room is the biggest contributor to any residential bill, about 40 per cent according to the DIS. There are a number of investments you can make to improve the efficiency of your heating system.

These include replacing the ceiling and wall insulation, installing solar screen shades or blinds and retiring your old heating, ventilation or air conditioning units with modern energy-efficient arrangements.


Constant refrigeration is a necessity of most companies, whether it be for keeping produce cool or even just your staff's lunch. To reduce the impact to your energy bill, consider regularly servicing your fridge or even updating to a modern energy efficient model.

If you have a walk-in refrigerator or freezer, it's a good idea to install automatic doors and curtains to help retain the energy produced.

Compare electricity

There are a number of electricity suppliers out there, all offering deals and prices to suit different companies.

If you want to reduce your costs and consequently increase your profits, come and talk to the experts at Make It Cheaper. They can compare electricity prices from Australia's leading providers, before arranging your business to benefit from the most suitable rates. To top it off, it's completely free. 

Posted by Richard West