Going green may reduce energy bills

Many people have trouble paying basic utility bills including water, electricity and phone costs and this is especially true in the post-Christmas period when personal finances are often low.

But there are steps people can take to make sure that they are able to cover expenses at a time that is convenient to them.

And making sure that you save money along the way is the government's own website, which is dedicated to useful tips as well as expert advice.

For consumers who are worried about rising electricity prices, it might be a good idea to take on board some of there expert tips.

These include tips on things as simple as turning appliances off at the power point to advice that seems more in keeping with what your mother gave you as a child such as keeping curtains drawn in summer to block the sun out or using a door snake in winter.

But perhaps one of the best tips to come out of the government resources is the way people can put in place energy saving techniques in order to boost their green credentials.

By using energy efficient light bulbs and fans instead of air-conditioning units it is easy to put the environment first.

Posted by Charlie Moore