Gillard comments spark war of words over rising electricity prices

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Julia Gillard's speech delivered to the Energy Policy Institute of Australia regarding rising electricity prices has triggered a stern response from the Queensland government.

Yesterday (August 7), Ms Gillard placed the blame for energy price hikes across the country on increases in network costs and overcharging from state governments.

In a press release issued shortly after the speech, Queensland's minister for energy and water supply Mark McArdle labelled Ms Gillard's comments as being breathtakingly insincere and "cheap political grandstanding".

"Queensland’s high electricity prices are directly linked to Labor government decisions," said Mr McArdle.

"Queenslanders know the biggest increase in electricity prices this year is the federal Labor-Greens carbon tax."

According to the press release, electricity prices for households in the state of Queensland have climbed by more than 80 per cent after Labor passed new reforms to the state's electricity industry five years ago.

Mr McArdle went on to argue that it was the commonwealth regulator that approves state-owned electricity suppliers or network expansion and allowable network charges, not the states themselves, and that this is what is pushing up electricity prices.

The current ruling government of Queensland is the Liberal National Party, who won a landslide victory in the 2012 state election on the 24th of March.

Posted by Charlie Moore