Getting the most out of your cell phone battery (part two)

Nothing is more frustrating than having a cell phone that is constantly running out of battery, so I'm providing a few helpful tips for getting more out of every charge.

In part one I explained how you can save up for a new phone by ensuring you are on the best mobile plan to suit your needs, or alternatively you can get more out of your current phone by carefully managing the applications that you have open at any one time.

Another good idea is to lower the brightness of your screen, especially during the day when you don't need it to be quite so luminescent.

Also you might be surprised to learn that the vibrate function uses significantly more power than an audible ring, so this can be another way to squeeze a little bit extra out of your battery.

Just make sure to use the vibrate function when you are in an important meeting or having a one on one conversation, it's only polite after all.

If none of that is working than it might pay to take a look at how old your cell phone is and how heavily the battery has been used.

If your battery life has been significantly reduced lately, or if it is taking longer to charge up then it used to, it might be time to contact the supplier and order a new one. 

Also if you can see that your battery is misshapen, then you should definitely order a new one as soon as possible as this can cause permanent damage to your phone if you are not careful. 

Posted by Eve Gillespie