Get ready for Wind Farm Open Day

Australia's capacity for wind power is great, considering the nation is full of wide open, windy spaces.

More wind power farms are being built and helping to increase the nation's share of renewable electricity.

On October 12, Australia's first national Wind Farm Open Day will be held so that more people have a chance to discover the benefits of wind power. Wind farms across the country will be open to the public and host fun and informative events, including the chance to see a wind turbine up close.

Wind energy is clean and safe, and a great way of reducing greenhouse gas emissions. This contributes to lower electricity prices by reducing reliance on fossil fuels. It helps to create new jobs and investment in regional areas and is used all around the world.

"The vast majority of Australians support the development of wind farms, which provide clean and safe energy as well as major investment and jobs in regional and rural communities," said Clean Energy Council (CEC) Policy Director Russell Marsh.

"Although many people think wind energy is a good idea, a lot of those people haven't had the opportunity to actually see how a wind farm operates. Wind Farm Open Day will give people that chance, and also help people to understand the technology and challenge some of the myths about wind energy."

Mr Marsh also noted the significant benefits of wind farms to local communities. Every 15 to 20 turbines provides around $250,000 to host farmers and up to $80,000 to community projects each year. In sometimes tough rural conditions, extra income from wind farms can help farmers and towns to overcome economic challenges.

You can attend the Wind Farm Open Day at Gunning Wind Farm NSW, Macarthur Wind Farm VIC, Starfish Hill Wind Farm SA, Windy Hill Wind Farm QLD and Snowtown Wind Farm SA.
While each event will provide plenty of information about wind power there will also be time to socialise over barbeques, tea and coffee and food stalls. Some will also have exhibitions and workshops, games for kids and other fun activities!.

Locals should know that they have an important role to play when it comes to wind farms in development and can be assured their interests are taken to account throughout the process. Wind farm developers work to follow Community Engagement Guidelines so everyone is included.

For your chance to find out more, attend an open day event nearby!

Posted by Charlie Moore