Gas projects boosting the Queensland economy

Development of new Coal Seam Gas (CSG) and Liquid Natural Gas (LNG) projects in Queensland are not just positioning Australia as a major international gas supplier, they are benefiting the local economy as well.

New data submitted to the coordinator-general has confirmed that a large percentage of spending by major Queensland gas projects has gone towards generating local jobs and supporting local contractors.

Minister for state development, infrastructure and planning Jeff Seeney noted the value that domestic LNG production was providing to the state in a statement released July 19.

"This is the first big tick for the LNG industry ... in the latest report to the coordinator-general, [Queensland Curtis LNG] and [Gladstone LNG] advised of the $11.34 billion that has been spent to date, more than $6.2 billion has been spent in Queensland," said Mr Seeney.

"The figure clearly shows LNG proponents are working to ensure they provide local businesses fair and reasonable access to opportunities arising from their developments."

Mr Seeney also noted that 107 out of the 135 contracts awarded by the Gladstone LNG and Queensland Curtis LNG Projects have been presented to Australian based contractors.

The news comes less than a month after the Australian Petroleum Production and Exploration Association submitted a report detailing the value that oil and gas production offers to Australia.

Posted by Callum Fleming