Gas prices to rise as solar costs fall?

It is largely a matter of perspective on whether or not gas prices will be affected by fluctuations in the cost of solar energy, the energy program director at the Grattan Institute believes.

Tony Wood said that some people believe that as solar power becomes more affordable, the price of gas will rise - although this may not necessarily be the case.

Along the east coast of Australia, it is possible that domestic gas prices will increase due to the commissioning of LNG projects.

Nonetheless, there have been significant falls in costs over the past few months, which has led to a situation arising where the US could even become an exporter, Mr Wood explained to the Climate Spectator.

A discussion led by the Carbon Trust recently identified that businesses need to get their staff on board with any energy-saving initiatives.

Reported in the Guardian, the discussion centred on opening up better avenues of communication with workers to make sure they know how to improve office energy efficiency.

It noted that small and medium-sized enterprises are usually best placed for become more efficient because communication is better and there is less red tape standing in their way.

Posted by Callum Fleming