Gas prices set to rise in South Australia

If you are living in South Australia, it might be time to start looking at new ways to save money on your energy bill.

A recent report by The Advertiser has found that households may have to spend an additional $446 on utility costs this financial year.

And while experts warn of extra costs, it seems that the real burden is being placed on lower income families.

"The impacts are profound, particularly for people with the lowest incomes in South Australia," asserted South Australian Council of Social Service executive director Ross Womersley.

It has been reported that gas prices will continue to rise in 2012 despite already increasing significantly over the previous 12 months.

According to official figures from the Essential Services Commission of SA in 2011 the average gas bill in the state rose from $84.03 to $6,92.77.

Water and electricity prices also rose in the same period, adding to the overall cost of energy for the majority of consumers.

But there are simple steps customers can take to make sure that they avoid facing a hefty bill at the end of each quarter, by taking the time to compare energy providers and look for a better deal.

Posted by Callum Flemming