Gas prices set to increase in NSW

NSW households already struggling with rising electricity costs are in for more bad news, with gas prices set to increase from July 1.

Any households and small businesses that have chosen to remain with the standard retailer in their area will face price increases of between nine and 15 per cent, according to the latest report from the Independent Pricing and Review Tribunal.

"For the majority of customers around half the increase is due to the introduction of the carbon price and the other half is due to increases in gas distribution network prices which are regulated by the Australian Energy Regulator," wrote IPART in their final decision handed down yesterday (June 13).

Individual price increases will depend on retailer and annual gas consumption, but AGL customers can expect to face the greatest price increase at 14.8 per cent.

Origin Energy’s Country Energy customers will see their bills balloon by 11.6 per cent, while those in the Murray Valley region are slightly better off at 10.4 per cent.

The carbon tax and rising distribution costs are affecting other utilities in NSW as well, with electricity prices set to rise by around 18.1 per cent, IPART has announced.

Posted by Callum Fleming