Gas prices set to go up in SA

South Australian residents will see gas prices increase by 17.7 per cent, under the decision handed down by the Essential Services Commission of SA (ESCOSA) today.

Residents will have been anticipating the hike, following similar decisions in other states. However the final number is significantly higher than the one NSW residents are facing - their prices will increase by between nine and 15 per cent.

While the majority of users have now switched to a market contract, nearly 25 per cent of customers who use less then one terajoule of gas per year are still on a standing contract and will be affected.

The ESCOSA attribute the rise to a combination of factors, which includes changes to gas distribution tariffs, adjustments to the consumer price index and the federal government's new carbon tax.

The average household can expect its gas bill to rise by nearly $125, from $692.77 to $815.54.

The ESCOSA recommends that consumers consider reducing gas consumption and shopping around for a better option if they are concerned about the price increase.

Customers who wish to evaluate their current gas supplier, and want to find out if there is a better option available to them, should consider a gas price comparison check.

Posted by Callum Fleming