Gas prices, household bills and Woolworths' supermarket-in-a-van

Saving money where possible is a concern for all householders, and one that may become more or less achievable as lifestyles, jobs and market forces change.

While keeping an eye on how gas prices and other energy costs affect bills might be a priority for many consumers, other expenses are also important to the running of your home.

Groceries are becoming a focus for creative innovations from suppliers, with the time it takes to shop for them having as much of an impact as the amount of money they cost to buy.

Online shopping, introduced to Australians in the last few years, is now offered by most of the major grocery chains.

But Woolworths has decided to take the convenience of internet ordering one step further with the trial of its supermarket-in-a-van, beginning today (March 28).

Sydney's Parramatta Road will be the site for the prototype service which offers shoppers a refrigerated pick-up point for their online orders.

Roger Steele of Woolworths Online said that the supermarket-in-a-van will save customers money as they will not be paying a delivery fee, as well as time - the service eliminates the need for someone to be at home to collect the groceries.

Posted by Callum Fleming