Gas clothes dryers an efficient alternative

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A report from the Queensland government's Department of Employment, Economic Development and Innovation has highlighted the advantages of buying a gas clothes dryer compared to the more traditional electric model.

Clothes dryers are a popular household item - the practicality they afford during periods of rainy or humid weather can make household chores a breeze.

However, they can be quite energy intensive - particularly electric units with a low efficiency rating.

Saving can be had on electricity prices if you purchase a gas-powered unit, according to the report.

As stated in the report: "Clothes dry up to three times faster in a gas clothes dryer compared to electric dryers, reducing drying time and saving you money.

"A gas clothes dryer will dry approximately two loads of clothes for the same energy cost it takes to dry one load electrically."

Gas dryers also cool down faster, preventing wrinkles and potentially saving your even more by eliminating the need for ironing.

It is not uncommon for professional laundromats to use gas units due to the reduction in energy usage.

Whilst they may cost more upfront, savings can be enjoyed over the lifespan of the appliance through lower energy bills.

Posted by Charlie Moore