Gas and your business: what consumers should know

The relatively cheaper prices of gas supply in Australia compared with electricity can be a deciding factor in many businesses choosing to make the switch from traditional electricity to a more sustainable option.

Also, because gas is considered to be a greener option many companies concerned with presenting an eco-friendly image may choose this type of energy for their workplaces. 

But as with residential use, gas energy for businesses needs to be undertaken safely.

With that in mind, there are a number of ways that workers and employers can maintain high standards of safe gas use, while still taking advantages of the benefits gas energy can provide.

If your business uses second-hand gas equipment its maintenance must be up to regulatory standards. Because a repair history for gas equipment is difficult to keep track of it may be best to have it checked by a registered gas professional before use.

If you are hosting an even which uses gas, many regulatory bodies - such as Energy Safe Victoria - provide a gas safety checklist. This should be filled out by anyone using the gas and covers areas including public, staff and equipment safety.

Posted by Callum Fleming