Future electricity grid upgrades may cause price rise

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Claims made by The Australian on Thursday (October 13) argued that solar power systems were overloading the grid by causing voltage rises beyond the capacity of the grid.

The article saw a response issued today by Beyond Zero Emissions (BZE) - an organisation that aims to promote switching to renewable energy systems such as solar power.

According to BZE executive director Matthew Wright, solar isn't to blame - however the electricity grid is likely to need an upgrade to cope with increased numbers of solar power systems feeding additional electricity into it.

Wright says: "Increased rooftop solar is no different from building roads and sewage infrastructure to keep up with new suburbs. Governments must invest in the infrastructure Australians need."

It is currently unclear if the government will foot the bill, or whether the task will be left to individual electricity suppliers.

Should energy companies be forced to upgrade their distribution networks, the expense of doing so is likely to be passed down to the consumer.

Network upgrades are commonly cited as a leading cause of rises in electricity prices, causing everyday households to be hit with increased bills.

Posted by Charlie Moore