FITs 'best mechanism' for uptake of renewable energy

Feed-in tariffs (FITs) are an effective means of getting the best renewable energies deployed, Beyond Zero Emissions has stated.

Not only can people reduce their electricity prices through the use of renewable energy, but also have a positive impact on the environment.

However, the group points out that if the government decides to encourage the uptake of renewables through grants, it needs to become better at evaluating the technologies on offer.

Matthew Wright, executive director of the organisation, said the Solar Flagships initiative was backing the wrong technologies from the outset.

"Leading renewable energy economies like Germany, Spain, Italy and China, favour placing rooftop solar on your local supermarket or hardware store rooftop, or at home where very little needs to be spent on integrating the technology," he commented.

The expert pointed out that rooftop solar panels nested in the grid are able to compete in the retail electricity market, which could spell good news for consumers.

Scientists from the University of Cambridge recently developed a new solar cell that they believe can improve the efficiency of solar panels.

It is estimated that 44 per cent of the available light can be transformed into electrical power, as opposed to just 34 per cent for current models.

Posted by Charlie Moore