Find the best mobile plan for Australia's 4G network

At the start of the year, Australia launched its 4G network for the first time, giving the public the incentive they need to search for the best mobile plan.

Internet downloads with 4G are around 17 times faster than they are with the current network, which will no doubt appeal to smartphone users.

The first 4G mobile phone to hit the shelves was the HTC Velocity 4G, which was officially launched on the Telstra network on January 24.

Advantages of the upgrade include typical upload speeds of between 1Mbps and 10Mbps, which is around three times faster than speeds available on 3G phones in Australia.

The Roy Morgan Mobile Phone Monitor recently showed that people are becoming more reliant on mobile phones than traditional landlines, with 41 per cent of aged between 20 and 29 not owning a landline.

This points to a threefold increase on statistics from six years ago.

"With the increasing trend of people without a home telephone connection, it will be interesting to see how Telstra and Optus, the two largest providers of home telephone service react," said Andrew Braun, industry director for mobile, internet and technology at Roy Morgan Research.

Posted by Eve Gillespie