Find a green tradie and save on power

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The next time you need work done around the home and are considering enlisting the services of a tradesperson, consider the amount of electricity that they could use.

Power tools and machinery for any project - whether it's repair or addition, renovation or rebuilding - will require a power source.

With your household already at the mercy of current electricity prices, you will want to ensure that any power used by a tradesperson is completely necessary and not wasted.

You can ensure the optimisation of electricity efficiency by making sure that you hire a green tradie - someone registered with an organisation dedicated to safe and sustainable power use.

There are many different companies certified as energy efficient by various industry groups.

For electrical work try an EcoSmart Electrician, certified through the National Electrical and Communications Association - they can offer advice and information about saving energy in the home.

If you need a plumber, consider GreenPlumbers - an initiative run through Master Plumbers and the Mechanical Services Association of Australia. They can also provide information about solar hot water and other sustainable ways to use water.

Posted by Charlie Moore