Fast broadband coming to NSW coastal towns

Residents and businesses in the New South Wales coastal towns of Coffs Harbour, Taree and Port Macquarie will soon be able to compare phone plans for the best broadband deals.

Faster and more reliable fixed network access will soon commence rollout in the area as part of the continuing progress of the National Broadband Network (NBN).

According to a statement from the office of the federal minister for broadband, communications and the digital economy Stephen Conroy yesterday (May 15), the setup and installation of the network is due to be completed in the three towns by 2015.

"This means that people living in and around Coffs Harbour, Taree and Port Macquarie will pay the same prices for NBN services as people in Sydney, Newcastle and Wollongong. This is a truly exciting time for broadband consumers in regional and rural Australia," Mr Conroy explained.

Regional Australian consumers will receive the benefits of the NBN through fixed-network wireless services, as an alternative to the fibre delivery method that 93 per cent of the country will get.

Over 170 communities - or 15,000 premises - will receive fixed wireless broadband instead of fibre - for those outside specific areas, these services will be delivered via satellite technology.

Posted by Eve Gillespie