Family's behaviour the key to lowering electricity bills

A recent study has shown that given the exact same appliances and energy generation technology, electricity usage can still vary between families.

South Mountain Company in the US conducted a test looking at the electricity usage patterns of eight individual families over the course of a single year – all with the exact same renewable household energy systems.

The study revealed some interesting results, with two of the families able to keep their usage at a 'net-zero' minimum – meaning that they consumed less that was generated.

However, the other six yielded different outcomes - with some using notably more than others.

According to a report in "In all cases, lights and plug loads accounted for about half of total energy use."

The research indicates that - whilst households can put in place measures to reduce the impact of electricity prices on the family budget - it is still up to them in order to change the behaviour when it comes to energy consumption.

Energy-efficient appliances and light bulbs, in addition to solar power generators, can only bring about the capacity to change – meaning it is up to families to take it upon themselves to lower usage and their bills.

Posted by Charlie Moore