Falling vegetable prices may ease the burden of bills

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Large families understand the way expenses add up one by one to what seems like an exorbitant amount at the end of the month.

Many recent news reports have been talking about the rising cost of living and gas and electricity prices.

The falling cost of vegetable therefore, may come as good news.

According to Andrew White, spokesperson for AUSVEG, the national peak body for 9,000 of Australia's vegetable and potato growers, the cost of vegetables is 18 per cent lower than it was in the last week of November 2010.

Zucchini, corn, capsicums, tomatoes, beans and cauliflower are the vegetables that have seen the greatest drop in prices due to oversupply in the market.

This data comes from the Veginsights quarterly report, which provides trend information related to the vegetable industry.

Sarah Toohey of Australians for Affordable Housing pointed out earlier this week that higher cost of accommodation is eating into the amount of money families have left to pay for transport, food and utilities.

The possible reduction in grocery bills that may result from the fall in vegetable prices may come as some relief to consumers.

Another way to ease the burden of monthly bills is to make sure your family is not paying more for your utilities than you need to be.

By comparing electricity suppliers and the contracts available in your area for example, families may be able to make further savings.

Posted by Charlie Moore