Falling solar prices may help consumers generate renewable energy

With global solar prices falling dramatically, Australian Solar Energy Society (AuSES) chief executive officer John Grimes says the time is ripe for households to consider installing solar panels.

Grimes estimates that global solar prices have fallen by as much as 70 per cent, due in large part to considerable take-up of the technology in China and the introduction of a new feed-in tariff.

These lower prices, he said, can offer an excellent opportunity for consumers looking to go green.

''There has never been a better time for Australians to install solar to protect against rising coal-fired electricity prices, which are set to increase 17 per cent around the country,'' he said.

Mr Grimes will speak at the Solar 2011 conference today (November 30) which is being held at Australian Technology Park in Sydney.

Dr Milou Beerepoot, senior analyst at International Energy Agency, is also scheduled to speak at the event.

The conference is a yearly event that includes forums and discussion panels that air ideas about current thinking and best practice in the solar industry.

AuSES asserts that there are a number of benefits to going solar at the present time, including energy independence, the opportunity to reduce household carbon emissions and more competitive installation prices.

Posted by Charlie Moore