Exploring innovation electricity generation

Some amazing energy technology is out there, as incredibly intelligent and dedicated people come up with ways in which we can power our world - without such a cost to electricity prices and the environment.

In a display of such intelligence and innovation, on July 30 the Clean Energy Finance Corporation (CEFC) announced it would provide $75 million in investment funding to Energy Developments Limited (EDL).

The CEFC is a government legislated fund which invests in clean energy projects. In this case, the funding will be allocated to EDL projects which convert various forms of waste into energy. This company specialises in capturing waste coal mine and landfill gas so that it can be used to help power the nation.

"The potential to help Australia achieve its targets for reduction in greenhouse gas emissions using this technology to abate waste methane from mining and landfills is significant," said EDL managing director, Greg Pritchard.

Other waste gas capturing projects are in various stages of development under the national Carbon Farming Initiative (CFI). Last September, sites for landfill gas capture in Perth, Darwin and Buderim were approved. 

According to the government Clean Energy Future initiative, Australia's current landfill gas industry generates enough renewable energy to power over 120,000 households.

Posted by Charlie Moore