Examining your power usage

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While electricity prices have a major bearing on your quarterly bills, there might also be a simple way to reduce your total by making some easy changes at home.

Examining your usage is a good way to start - you may be paying too much because you are using electricity inefficiently.

First of all, it's important that you're aware of whether your usage is in line with your local average.

In many cases, your electricity company will display this information on your bill, usually next to the final price. Look for the average, bearing in mind that the household size used to calculate this figure may be larger or smaller than your own home. If you're using more electricity on average than your neighbours, it may be time to think about ways you can cut back on your power use.

Look at how many lights are left on around the house at night, see if heating your home can be mitigated by a few extra blankets. All these things can see your usage dramatically reduce over time.

However if you feel your service is still charging you too much, even after reducing your usage, why not talk to a comparison and switching service to ensure that you're getting the best deal possible.

By Charlie Moore