ETU pushes for investment in infrastructure

The Electrical Trades Union (ETU) has warned that while New South Wales infrastructure will cope with increased demand from the heat, this may not always be the case.

The union is concerned that should investment decrease, the reliability of the network will not be guaranteed - a troublesome thought given the recent spate of high temperatures.

ETU secretary Steve Butler said a push by politicians to reduce network investment in an attempt to reduce electricity prices is misguided and would only put more pressure on the network.

He commented: "In recent months, we have listened to politicians from all major parties say that there should be a reduction in network investment and reliability standards but today is the perfect example why this should not happen.

"NSW residents and business owners expect electricity to be available even on the hottest days of the year and any push to reduce network reliability would be bad for the business community and bad for NSW residents trying to stay cool."

Mr Butler added that governments are obligated to ensure residents are guaranteed a reliable supply of energy and these sweltering temperatures across much of NSW only proves that.

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Posted by Charlie Moore