ETU accuses QLD gov't of misleading comments

The Electrical Trades Union (ETU) of Queensland has accused the state government of influencing independent boards of energy companies to ensure jobs were cut.

Electricity suppliers Energex and Ergon have been accused by the union of bowing to the requests of energy minister Mark McArdle and treasurer Tim Nicholls.

The companies were supposedly directed to cut costs by ten per cent - namely making redundancies - meaning families and communities are facing uncertainty.

Peter Simpson, ETU state secretary, claimed that state documents and publications in newspapers indicate the government has misled the parliament and the people of Queensland.

He explained: "The documents indicate a direct link between the LNP government and the massive job losses being experienced across Ergon and Energex, including the latest round of job losses announced on Tuesday.

"The government will no doubt try and spin the cuts to programs, however, a quick look at the cuts and jobs that have gone and it is obvious that these cuts are unnecessary and are going to hurt Queenslanders."

Mr Simpson said these redundancies have not achieved the desired effect of reducing capital expenditure - a goal the administration purported to have.